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Simple Sketch
Sketchy Sneeze by Karidurosu
Safiro's Curse by Karidurosu
Sorry Benny! by Karidurosu
Any Size

Moderate Shading

Background costs 500 points extra (or $5 USD)

Extra panels and characters cost 300 points each (or $5 USD)

Price in USD: $10
Fully Colored
Avalarian Allergies by Karidurosu
And I'm Smart, Too by Karidurosu
Perplexios by Karidurosu
Mugshot or Half Body 

No Background

Add another character for 500 more points (or $10 USD.)

Price in USD: $15
Fully Colored
Thank You, Celeste by Karidurosu
The Shining Shadow by Karidurosu
Aletheia Marvel by Karidurosu
Welcome Home by Karidurosu
Full Body

With or without background

Add another character for 1000 more points (or $15 USD)

Price in USD: $30

Newest Deviations


The Cosmic Force Personality Quiz has been updated to include another couple of possible character results, and has two more questions to help zero in on the one that matches your answers. Give it another shot if you already have, or give it your first try if you haven't! Be sure to log your results in the comments section of this post!
Swamp Gymnastics by Karidurosu
Swamp Gymnastics
A bit late for the Olympics now, but I forgot I had drawn this picture while it was still relevant.  So yeah, Morvenia is pretty athletic.
Gamer Kasra by Karidurosu
Gamer Kasra
A fun try at something silly and casual, and also an experiment with making clothes that look to small for its wearer
Caldemidas by Karidurosu
Demidas is trying to teach Princess Calderia proper table manners while the Ardinsulaian teenager has herself a long-awaited dinnertime meal.

"You mean so long as I keep eating, they'll keep bringing food?!  Why didn't you take me here sooner?"
I made a personality quiz so you could see which out of the members of Cosmic Force you are most like!  Check it out and tell me your results!~

Additional Commission Information

Cosmic Panorama by Karidurosu

Theme Challenges

    Since the beginning of December, I've been getting into the holiday spirit.  So if your request is something Christmas or New Year's related, I will create it for half price -- no matter what size it is.

That Being Said...

    I feel it is time for me to start listing what I

Will Do/Not Do:

    Playing to my strengths, I will do:

  • Original characters, whether they be
  • Human or Anthro (including fursonas)
  • Established characters from published fandoms (Although they kind of bore me because everyone already draws them)
  • Sneezing Fetish Art
  • Ecchi
  • Some hentai
  • Some gore
  • Some macabre

Not to disappoint, but I will not do:

  • Vore
  • Extreme Gore
  • XXX Hentai
    ...Or pander to pretty much any fetish that is not my own.  That doesn't mean you can't ask, as some do intrigue me enough to where I will try them, but chances are I'll turn you down.  Not out of disrespect, but simply because I don't want my lacking passion or understanding to weaken the quality of my productions.

    One More Thing,

    And this is probably the most important detail of all...

    I will not start on a piece until I've received full payment for it, either via Paypal or Points.  If you want a refund at any time, your chances on getting it might be pretty slim depending on how far I've already gotten into my work.  

    I like keeping in contact with my commissioners, and might ask you lots of questions while working on your commission to make sure I'm doing it right.  Any details you leave out I will allow myself to fill with artistic license, but I will not change anything you wanted without asking you, first. 

    Depending on the type of commission you wanted done (traditional, digital, etc), there may be more steps involved than others.  As I work through these steps, I will share my work with you so you can suggest changes along the way, when it's easier for me to make them.  But don't expect me to make a huge modification to the piece when I'm nearly (or already) done with it!

    All of my correspondence with you will be done through private notes, and I will expect the same of you when you want to send me your commission ideas.  

    Speaking of which!

    I am also interested in trying story writing commissions.  Since this is my first time experimenting with this paid medium, I cannot be so sure how I want the pricing to be.  I'll more than likely work that out as I go, after you explain what you want from me.  

    My Wills/Will Nots for writing commissions would be similar to the ones for my artwork -- as would be my policies for payment and all the other stuff I mentioned in the "One More Thing" section.

    As for changing mid-stream and making edits go, writing is probably the easiest medium to do that.  Just don't expect me to make a whole plot-diverting modification after nearly completing your work.  

    After completing any work,

    Be it written or drawn, and depending on the subject matter, I may or may not upload it to my dA gallery for all to see.  But once I am done with your commission, I will send you a link to where I have'd it, and provide you a full-size download.  

    I hope this journal preemptively and comprehensively answers all questions you may have about my commissioning process.  If you have any other concerns I may not have mentioned here, feel free to leave those as comments in this journal.



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United States

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